Asphodel is the largest, most diverse, most grand city in the world. It is a shining bastion of the greatness of humanity. Though grounded in the earth, every tower in the city seems to be reaching for the stars.” —Erik Feldsson, poet


The city of Asphodel is located in the centre of the continent, on the high plain of the soaring peaks range. It is situated on the headwater of the northern and southern rivers of the continent, the Tillian and Antillian rivers.


Asphodel was originally founded in cycle 175, phase 6 by a group of nomads of western descent. They established the city on Lake Platos and quickly became a centre of trade goods production, using the Tillian and Antillian rivers to export fine fabrics, iron, copper, and limited quantities of wine. After the industrial revolution ca. cycle 215/3, the city grew to accommodate more extensive port trade from across the continent. It was between this time and the phases of cycle 220 that Asphodel grew to become a real and bustling centre of population. After Hadrian the founder’s discovery of a huge deposit of Elysium near the city in 230/2, population and city size exploded. The city doubled in population for five periods straight, going from a population of some 2 million (a respectable but still smallish city) to a staggering 32 million. by cycle 231, the only city larger than Asphodel was Ocean’s reach, which held the record at only one million higher.



Recent History


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