Elysium is a chemical element with symbol Ey and atomic number 124. It is a metal in the super-actinide or hyperdense series. It is by mass estimated to be one of the rarest materials on Gaia, comprising just 0.00001 percent of all metals—excluding the estimated holdings of Asphodel.” —The new encyclopaedia of knowledge, edition 235/5


Elysium, as known during modern history, was theorized to exist in the cycle 222/1 by scientist Alfred H. Kingsworth of the royal institute of science and technology. Later, with efforts from partners Hakari Nakamura and Chen Yueh, both working at Inata University, the first of the element was extracted from raw ore in 227/6. In the cycle 230/2, Hadrian the founder discovered massive natural deposits in the area of Asphodel, a city in the centre of the continent.


Elysium is theorized to have been created in the pressures of a type 4s neutron star. In the core of the star, pressures condense protons and neutrons into atoms which exceed the normal limits of instability. Where atoms only slightly less massive would decay in a matter of seconds or less, hyperdense series metals such as elysium are so massive they gain more cohesion force by way of Tau particles. 4s type neutron stars are unstable, and after they break apart or create a black hole, the Elysium formed is set free. It may be trapped in another, normal type star, such as our sun, but when the star explodes in supernova it will be scattered with the rest of the cosmic debris. This is the theorized origin of Elysium on Gaia.


Elysium can be used as an energy source. After applying the Steyer-Yueh process, Elysium releases 38.6 Terajoules of energy per gram, a rate better than any proposed fusion system in history by a factor of one hundred. At the current estimation, the entire world supply of Elysium has 100 yottajoules of energy. This is enough to power human civilization until the death of its parent star, or for 50 cycles if it expands to dyson sphere classification 1. Scientists have theorized that this amount of energy would allow the creation of a warp drive (potentially of Alcubierre or other classification) capable of faster than light travel. It is currently unknown how this is is possible, and how it would tax the Elysium supply of the planet.


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