The United Coalition of Armed Forces

The United Coalition of Armed Forces. A solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. What one foe could be so overpowering, so totally rogue and unexpected, and so uncaring that a group of forces from EVERY NATION would have to be mustered to stop it. This project is a waste of money and human resources.” —General George Mayweather, days before the alien capture of Asphodel.


The UCAF was created in cycle 224/1 as part of the United League of Nations. Its charter was to enforce the will of the organisation as a whole, and to ensure that no threat from any rogue member state would spiral out of control. It has seen four leaders up to modern day. The leader of forces during the fall of Asphodel up to modern day is general Patrice Rouillard, instituted in cycle 237/7.


The UCAF has four divisions: Armored, Infantry, Air, and Naval. Each division is headed by a general. There are ten armored divisions, each with fifteen tanks. There are thirty infantry divisions, each with ten thousand men. There are three air divisions, each with ten jet fighters. There are four naval divisions, each with eight ships, as well as the infantry marine division, which has four separate thousand man divisions. There is a commander for every division. For special divisions (armor, air, naval) this is where designation stops, excepting a team lead for armor and air and a captain for each ship. However, with infantry, each division has three brigades, which each have five battalions, comprising of five companies, which in turn have three platoons of four squads, each containing ten soldiers. This breakdown means there is a much more convoluted chain of command for infantry than any other type of unit.


Each large division recruits from the armies of its member cities, who in turn recruit from the populace. The UCAF has a quota each year that the member states must reach, and in turn the member states recruit on this quota from the populace.

The United Coalition of Armed Forces

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