Universal Trade Currency Standard

Never have I wanted to kiss a room full of old men so much. Now I only have one currency to cheat!” —Don Bergamatri, Mob boss


The Universal Trade Currency Standard (better known as the UTCS) is a currency agreed upon by every city on Gaia. At its introduction in cycle 229/2, it was to be used only as a means of simplifying and standardizing international trade, especially the burgeoning stock market, which was in need of a standard meter stick for economic success. However, after meeting with great success in the broader civilian spheres, it quickly became a world standardized currency.


at present, UTCS has very limited physical presence, with only several hundred million credits in circulation in the form of bills and decimal coins. Most of the several hundred trillion in total monetary value is stored electronically in the vast World United Bank, accessible through officially issued cards. These cards are forms of valid identification in most member states, as they show a photo ID, age, sex, height, weight, eye color, and account number. The symbol for UTCS in written language is “

Universal Trade Currency Standard

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