World United Bank


The World United Bank (generally known as the world bank) was created at the institution of UTCS as part of the standardization of international trade. Its founding document states that it’s purpose is to “facilitate the safe keeping and efficient transfer of funds between foreign and domestic commercial enterprises, and to more efficiently and cheaply serve its customers.”

In modern times

The World Bank has, with the advent of UTCS as the universal currency, grown to a huge institution. It is under international control, which means that separate governments can only use profits gained from the bank’s operation at the behest of the entire international council. Its profits (and loans) have bankrolled some of the largest buildings, research projects, and operations in history. Things like the the Icarus International Spaceport, the operations of UCAF, and the Haphaestus institute of Science and Technology have all been funded directly by their money.

World United Bank

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