D20 Modern

Day One!

Things fall apart...

The first hour

Our intrepid heroes crunched numbers to ascertain precisely what stats they had, resulting in fully realised characters.

The second hour

Our intrepid heroes were briefed on the mission by general Lewis, and spent some time gearing up in the armory. Mission objectives are to ascertain what the current situation of Asphodel is, as well as to weaken alien presence and strength when possible. Escape route is the bay to the north of the city.

The third hour

the plan goes awry, and our heroes crash land into the undercity of Asphodel. After recovering a medkit from their downed gunship, they navigate to sector two echo to meet up with another squad. They are chased by mysterious figures on boats, only narrowly escaping capture.

At the end of the session

Our heroes find themselves inside of a half-sunken building, being encroached upon by enemies on boats in the dead of night.


brown_ajb brown_ajb

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